Virtual Data Room Usage – 4 Common Transactions That Require a Secure Online Document Repository

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VDR use is crucial for any industry. Here are some of the most commonly used transactions that require the use of a secure online document repository:

M&A Due Diligence

If you’re an M&A firm or are just considering an acquisition offer, virtual data rooms provide a quick and efficient way to exchange sensitive documents with potential partners that are not within your firewall. The secure online environment assures all parties can access the documents in a secure manner, while shielding private information from the eyes of prying eyes.


In fundraising events, there is a great deal of sharing between investors and companies that are being funded. A virtual data room can make this process much more organized and efficient especially for startups that have an extremely short time frame to convince investors to support their projects.

Legal Documents

When dealing with complicated legal cases it can be difficult to keep all the documents and information organized. A VDR lets users store and share these materials in a secure location and ensures their organization and security. The extensive permission settings including audit trails, watermarking and other features can prevent unauthorised sharing of information or printing files.

Unlike free file-sharing tools which are usually stuffed with features, VDRs typically feature costs that are similar to your internet or cell phone plan. It is with a fixed monthly cost and additional fees for extra users and storage sizes. This will help you avoid any unexpected costs and overages in the future.

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