Glance could be the newest in Dating software for Festival Hook-Ups

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Are you to a songs event want Coachella or Firefly and questioned which that hot man had been standing ten foot away, vocal along to each and every word-of your chosen group’s favorite tune? Perchance you picked never to rise and present your self. But perhaps you pulled your Tinder app and swiped remaining through a lot of potential matches wanting to locate his photograph.

Any time you thought discouraged at being unable to attach, or your own nerves had gotten the very best of you, don’t get worried. A Dutch-based company has generated an event-based dating software when it comes down to festival-attendee industry – to help you fulfill the individuals you identified directly but failed to really get a chance to chat with.

Glance is the newest gimmick-driven internet dating application going to the test market, and it is currently in beta just inside Netherlands. But the business has its own places ready on globally launch.

Glance gives you not only to locate folks you are attracted to at festivals, however, if you plan on-going, it could catch you up-over the application in advance, in order to organize to meet up with and spend time directly when you get here.

Hendrik van Benthem, creator of Glance, phone calls this “event­-driven relationship.” In a statement he describes: “We live-in a society where people of products and services need importance. Precisely why would you adjust the intentions to a night out together that may most likely become nothing, whether your time may appear where you’ll be anyhow, surrounded by individuals you really feel at ease with?”

Look isn’t only for festival-goers. The app is designed to get people introduced exactly who intend to end up being at the same night club at exactly the same time, also.

Look established in May 2015 in Amsterdam with “leading partners from event and entertainment business.” The entrepreneurs behind look didn’t have any initial people, and are usually funding the company on their own. Says van Benthem: “We chatted to various VC’s from the shows and Netherlands. Really cool to speak with people. They operate on an alternative degree and we learned much. The greatest experience ended up being a meeting during the exclusive plane of Dan Bilzerian. Nuts. But there never was a match…”

Look is available in the application store for apple’s ios and Gamble Store for Android, and information is on their internet site. It’s currently only available for occasions in Netherlands however the business intends to introduce internationally immediately.

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