Will Technology Improve Heart Develop Fonder?

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Anybody who’s been in a long-distance connection knows that keeping love live throughout the distance is challenging. Luckily, technophiles across the globe are doing their very best to make those vast distances disappear through smart phones, personal computers, digital cameras, and various other technologies. These days it seems like practical question about minds of coders and inventors every where is actually “Does lack actually result in the heart grow fonder?”

Projects like Pillow Talk, Path, and few flame genuinely believe that the answer might be “yes.” Look over:

Pillow Chat

It may sound saucy, but try not to allow title trick you. The Pillow Talk product isn’t a naughty room accessory, is in reality rather sweet. Here’s how it works: slide a ring on your thumb before you decide to fall asleep. The minute you devote it on, the product begins wirelessly transmitting signals to a pillow in your partner’s ownership. The pillow will begin to glow, and when your beloved lays their at once it they’ll be capable hear your heart beat in real-time. Trade bands and you will both take pleasure in the intimacy of hearing both’s minds beat regardless of the length.


Course phone calls by itself a “wise diary that will help you discuss life with the people you love – your thinking, the music you’re paying attention to, where you are, whom you’re with, as soon as you wake once you sleep, and beautiful top quality photos and video clips.” Consumers can post pictures and video clips and discuss those items that additional people blog post. One of the largest issues long-distance couples face is actually feeling like they are not a part of both’s everyday lives, and route could be the best remedy.

Couple Flame

Pair flames claims to aid “include spark your commitment.” So how exactly does it do that, you ask? Couple flames is actually a whole new personal social network for you personally plus long-distance love. Members receive an online bulletin panel which capable post images, date ideas, desires…anything and everything you can consider to make you feel a lot more linked to your spouse. It is like Pinterest for loved-up long-distance couples!

And there’s always that confirmed, tried and true savior of long-distance relationships: Skype. As crazy (and simply quite stalker-y) as a few of these scientific union innovations may seem, i can not help becoming interested in all of them. Interactions are hard even when you live in similar city, so why not make use of the wonders of technology to try and relieve the issues of long-distance love?

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